I trust my son, but he is a hormonal teenager! LynxSafe allows me to monitor him without denying him his independence. I’m being a protective parent without being “over-protective”, and he’s learning to be a safer driver. I couldn't be happier.

— Jerry A.

I know my 16 year old daughter is an honor student, but imagine my surprise to find out she’s also a lead foot! After installing LynxSafe in her car, I received an alert one evening indicating she was driving over 80 MPH! We had a discussion about safer driving when she got home, and believe me…her speeding days are over!

— Dave H.

I provide my son with a car, and pay for his auto insurance. All he has to do is pay for his gas and follow my rules. LynxSafe is like having a gentle reminder in the car that encourages him to ‘do the right thing’.

— Lynn T.

So frequently in the news my husband and I see car accidents that are caused by teens texting and driving we were very concerned about our daughter getting her license. She is constantly texting her friends and updating her facebook page. We knew that she would continue this behavior while driving. With LynxSafe we no longer have this concern. It is very reassuring to know that LynxSafe has found a solution to what seems to be an epidemic in teen drivers. For less than the price of her cell phone we know that she is protected from it while driving.

— Anna P.